Joshua's Wall (64m to 76m)

Discovered and named by John Bennett, after his son. Joshua's wall runs from south to north and is about 400m east of the Escarceo light house. Starting at 64m and drop's to 78m. It is a facinating sight contrasting the dark rock face, against the clear white sand road, which runs the walls length at it's base. This site should only be dived during the flood tide. Vizibility tends to be around ten meters, the surface wash-off tends to make the site dark.

Deep Atols (66m to 82m)

A series of three atols, lying about 150m south of Joshua's wall. The Atols run from west top east. Marine life is abundant at this site. A large varity of Sweel lips cruise these atols, making it a “must do dive”. The distance between the atols, makes visiting all three possible on the one dive.

Spinx's Head (64m to 82m)

A site named by Chuck of Capt'n Gregg's. The name comes from the stunning similarity to the famous Spinx's head. The site lies about 150m south of the deep atols. The site starts at 64m and drops to 82m. Surely the best view comes from 82m gazing up at the Spinx's head jutting proudly out from the rock face. Very close to the Spinx's head are two anchors of unknown origin.

Kilima Deep Wall (70m to 78m)

A wall plunging down from 70m to 78m. Discovered again, by Chuck and I on a trimix dive. When we first dived here, we were confinced that the wall dropped to at least 90m. On a latter dive, I was surprised to find the wall bottomed at 78m. Latter dives discovered a medium sized anchor wedged into the wall. A symbol of some ancient ships struggle against some past storm.

Dave's Rock (62m)

A large coral diamond shaped rock, found by, and then named after Dave Ross of Asia divers. The large formation lies approximately 150m east of Sinadigan wall. The huge boulder seems to defy gravity as it stands against the fierce ebb tides that rake the area. An excellent deep multi level dive. All the decompression time can be completed on the Sinadigan wall making for a very enjoyable deco time.

Black Fish (76m)

A dive site at the west end of Verde Island. Named by Chuck, after the schools of Black fish which have made the area their home. A large drop off plunging down to unknown depths. Several pinacles just out from the depths making the dive a very good interesting deep dive.

Heabo Reef (40m to 91m)

A 30 minute boat ride west of Puerto Galera will take you to this stunning drop off. Heabo drops from 30m to at least 100m in places. The sheer face makes for a exhilarating 76m dive, gazing down to a distant bottom with a full forty meters soaring above you.

Monkey Wreck (40m to 45m)

A 12 metre wooden wreck laying close to Monkey beach. Sunk by a joint effort of several of the Puerto Galera dive shops. Although the structure of the wreck is mainly collapsed, it has become a home for scores of marine life. Several large Bat fish, Sweet Lips and Snapper can be seen around the timbers.

Deep Monkey Wreck (51m to 66m)

A series of deep walls starting directly behind Monkey Wreck. The first drops from 45m to 51m, running East to West. Swimming directly North brings you to two seperate walls dropping from 55m down to depths of 72m in places. Huge Fan corals are abundant, some spanning as much as 2.5 meters. Swimming East will take you to the deepest of the walls.

Twin Anchor (51m)

A wall running East to West, stretching from Monkey Beach to well past Ernies cave. A beautiful wall with shoals of Sweetlips who spend there time exploring the many over-hangs and small caves which are spread along its length. The two anchors which give the wall its name, lay at the Western end.

Small Laguna Walls (40m to 50m)

A series of walls running from opposite the point, to well into Big Laguna. A great drift dive in the currents which run along its length. You can spend the dive speeding past wall after wall, which are lined with huge Fan Corals.

Verde Island Drop Off (76m)

For long been a famous site among recreational divers, for its sheer wall. Technical diving has given us the tools to explore its depths. Dropping to 76m, it makes for an ideal mixed gas dive, again the decompression can be completed on the wall. An inspiring site can be had from the bottom where the diver is literally dwafted by the wall.